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Full Name
Cassius Sparks
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Portrayed By
Alphonso McAuley

Cassius "Cash" Sparks is the geeky gadget technician of the Contra Security. He's also Contra's biggest prankster. He was recruited by Oz after William Shatner hired Contra to stop Cash from harassing him.


Cash lightsaber

Cash wielding a lightsaber.

Cash is a geek in every sense of the word. He is a huge fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and The Goonies. He has been shown to remake the Star Wars movies where he plays almost every character. Cash also created his own comic book based on a superhero called Black Zeus. He constantly comes to work wearing sci-fi fan clothing. He also has a love for Nestlé Chunky candy bars to point of having one everyday he comes into work.

Cash is the office prankster, he considers it to be his responsibility to prank the new employees of Contra Security. Although it's been shown that his pranks are extreme and that he has no limits. For example, when Cameron joined Contra, Cash flipped his car upside down and had a blimp fly over a football stadium that showed Cameron's credit card number and that told the entire audience that beers were on him. His love of pranking is shared with his boss, Oz.

Cash is not good when it comes to dating to the point that he struggles to talk to women that he likes directly. He has crush on his co-worker, Ana Ng, but rarely talks to her even though he's known her for at least six months. After she agreed to go out on a date with his co-worker, Josh Armstrong, it seems crush on her ended. In the second season, he falls for the sandwich girl at Contra, Phoebe. Cash also has been shown to be sensitive to racism. On multiple occasions, he has blamed the reason for him being made fun of on the fact that he was black rather than his nerdiness.

Cash is also a genius, it was stated by Cameron that he has an IQ of 161.


Cash has been a geek all his life and was tormented by bullying through his childhood and teenage years. He stated that he was plagued with scoliosis as a child. On the first day of high school, he went to school dressed in a Voltron costume. Although, Cash believed that the reason for his bullying was because he was black and not because he was a nerd. He has never moved out of his childhood home and currently lives with his mother.

As an adult, Cash found William Shatner's home and constantly harassed him late at night. It got bad to the point, where Shanter hired Contra Security to get rid of him. It's after this that Oz recruits Cash to Contra.