Contra team s1

Contra Security team meeting with a client in Season 1

Contra Security is a high tech security firm that was created by former thief and counterfeiter, Oz Osbourne. Contra is made up of geniuses and "legitimate" thieves that were all personally recruited by Oz. Contra does whatever it takes to find a flaw in the security systems of their clients. After Oz becomes broke, he sells the firm and it becomes one of many security firms to become a divisional branch of Optimal Consumer Products (O.C.P.) He manages to buy it back in the series finale.

Known EmployeesEdit

Employee Name Status Role/Position
Oz Osbourne Active Founder, Second-in-Command
Cameron Price Active Computer hacker
Cassius "Cash" Sparks Active Gadget technician
Melanie Garcia Active Thief, Safe cracker
Josh Armstrong Resigned Undercover operative
Dutch Nilbog Suspended (due to incarceration) Mechanic, Wheelman
Veronica Mann Active Head supervisor
Molly Hughes Active Protocol officer, Executive assistant to Veronica Mann
Carol Active Human resources manager
Jamal Alphonso Jenkins Temporary Intern

Known ClientsEdit

Client Name Episode Revealed
Loyola Technical College "Pilot"
William Shatner "Pilot" (flashback)
Amy Osbourne "Tis Better to Have Loved and Flossed"
Jimmie Johnson "Need for Speed"
ComiCon "Take the Movie and Run"
Mike Tyson "21.0 Jump Street"
Leslie Kaczander "21.0 Jump Street"