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Full Name
Dutch Nilbog
First Appearance
Last Appearance
"21.0 Jump Street"
Portrayed By
Michael Rosenbaum

Dutch Nilbog is the ex-boyfriend of Melanie Garcia, who made money by selling clean urine on eBay so people could pass drug tests. He was later hired as the mechanic and wheel man of Contra Security. He is currently in jail for selling clean urine to airplane pilots.


Dutch has a very arrogant attitude and personality thinking that everyone thinks he's "awesome". He is also extremely confident in his appearance. He is shown to be very immature for his age shown through the way he talks. Many of his co-workers at Contra Security, including Cameron and Cash, think he is douche. Despite his expertise in and understanding of mechanics, Dutch is incredibly stupid. He doesn't seem to understand when people don't like him or understand that some of things he says are insulting despite him not trying to be insulting.

Despite these flaws, he has been to shown to be an affectionate boyfriend to Melanie. For example, he would frequently visit Melanie at work before working at Contra and built her a house of matchbooks from every restaurant they've gone to together knowing that she moved around a lot while growing up.

Dutch is a huge fan of NASCAR and considers NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson to be his second favorite person in the world behind the man who created beer. He is also a huge fan of Mike Tyson, he thought it would be an honor to be punched in the face by him.

Dutch owns a yellow hummer that he calls "Golden Thunder". After he hired Dutch, Oz hypnotized him so that way he would become comatose anytime someone said "sasquatch" because Oz found Dutch to be annoying at times.


According to Dutch, he was extremely popular in high school. Although he considered himself to be the class clown, he was in fact a bully. Due to his stupidity, Dutch honestly believed that bullying acts, like swirlies and wedgies, were all harmless jokes and pranks. He thought that the geeky students that he bullied were his friends and that he made them laugh so hard that they started crying.