Josh Armstrong
Full Name
Josh Armstrong
First Appearance
Last Appearance
"21.0 Jump Street"
Portrayed By
Trevor Moore

Josh Armstrong was a promiscuous psychoanalyst and master of disguise who was skilled at manipulating people that worked for Contra Security. It is unknown why he left Contra.


Josh is known to be extremely loyal to his former boss, Oz Osbourne. This loyalty is the reason he couldn't stand his co-worker, Cameron Price, because he saw Cam as Oz's new "golden boy" and he didn't even want to work at Contra Security. His loyalty towards Oz goes as far as him more than willing to taser himself in the face just because Oz told him to.

It seems that Josh has an active dating life. He once stated that he had three different dates in one night.


According to Josh, he was raised by a lesbian couple, both of whom were astronauts. He also told his co-workers that he was a goth in high school. It's also known that he played the tuba in high school.