BI 509
Full Name
Molly Marie Hughes
First Appearance
"The Contra Club"
Last Appearance
Portrayed By
Erin Richards

Molly Marie Hughes is the executive assistant of Veronica Mann. When Optimal Consumer Products (O.C.P.) buys Contra Security, she becomes Contra's protocol officer.


Due to her childhood, Molly has admitted that she has trouble socializing with people. She has a very kind and caring personality. She is willing to make her co-workers at Contra Security baked goods when no one asks her to and not even expecting a "thank you". She desires to have social skills comparably to Cameron Price. Her desire to make friends and her innocence makes Molly very easy to manipulate. Molly also does not understand television show or movie references because she doesn't even own a television.

Molly is incredibly observant and intelligent. She showed this when not only did she notice that Oz and the other Contra employees were using a secret code when she and Veronica first joined Contra, but decoded all the messages of the code. Another example is that she was able to analyze several hours of video surveillance for a case, that Melanie stated would take a team to analyze, by herself and figured who the culprit of the case was all in one night.


Molly is from the United Kingdom (U.K.). She was home-schooled throughout her entire childhood thus didn't have any friends. She went to college at the age of 14, which was a terrible time for her because none of her classmates wanted to socialize with her because of her young age.


  • Molly is allergic to cats