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Full Name
Oswald Osbourne
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Portrayed By
Christian Slater

Oswald "Oz" Osbourne is a former thief and counterfeiter who used his skills to build and run a successful security firm known as Contra Security. After he becomes broke, he is forced to sell Contra to Optimal Consumer Products (O.C.P.) and must now answer to Veronica Mann.


Oz is a man who knows what he wants and will do whatever is necessary to get it whether it's through blackmail, intimidation, or manipulation. Every employee at Contra knows that he doesn't accept failure and are afraid that he will react violently once hearing news of failure.

Oz is very private about his personal life; his employees only know a little bit about him and only because he allows them to know. Despite his desire for privacy, he doesn't show the same courtesy to his employees as he listens to his employees private conversations through hidden cameras that he has set up all throughout Contra.

Although he does not show it openly, he does care for the well being of all his employees. For example, he sent letters to Melanie Garcia poising as her incarcerated father and tried several times to get Cameron Price to move on from his romantic feelings for Melanie knowing that she would hurt him. It's hinted that he thinks of Melanie as his own daughter. Oz has a very complicated love life with his wife, Amy. It's hinted that they frequently fight and separate then make-up multiple times a year. After Cam met Amy, he admitted to Cam that this was their third separation that year.


Oz has been friends with NASCAR champion, Jimmie Johnson, ever since they were children. He convinced Jimmie to be a race car driver instead of tap dancer. The two of them have known each other for at least 20 years. He also indirectly told Cam that the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, is based off an experience he had in his youth. Oz went to Yale University at the age of 21.

It's also known that before he created Contra Security, he was skilled thief and counterfeiter. According to him, he was never once caught or spent time in prison. At an unknown time, Oz married Amy and the two of them may have had children. According to Cameron, Oz owns a white tiger.

At least five years ago, Oz turned in Larry Garcia and had him thrown in prison while on a job for Contra. What he didn't know was that Larry had a daughter, Melanie. Feeling guilty, he would give her a job as legitimate thief at Contra and for the next five years would send her letters poising as her father.

At an unknown time, Oz recruited Cash to Contra after being hired by William Shatner.


According to Cameron, Oz owns a white tiger as a pet.