Full Name
Veronica Judith Mann
First Appearance
"The Contra Club"
Last Appearance
Portrayed By
Megan Mullally

Veronica "Ronnie" Judith Mann is the vice president of acquisitions for a company called Optimal Consumer Products (O.C.P.). She becomes the new head of Contra Security after Oz Osbourne sells it to O.C.P. because he is broke.


Despite her childish way of speaking, Veronica is far from innocent. She is very blunt and isn't above insulting her new employees at Contra Security openly. She is also slightly racist, saying incredibly racist comments about Native Americans and black people.

Veronica has a tendency to get her assistant, Molly Hughes, to relay bad news to her employees. Though she is not afraid to play "bad cop" if her employees disobey her orders.

According to Molly, she was very close to her daughter until recently when she became a teenager. Veronica seems to be very upset about the emotional distance she and her daughter currently have.

She practices tai chi and says that reading the Kama Sutra relaxes her. She also loves cats and owns a cat named Humphrey.


Veronica got married at an unknown time and is currently in the process of getting a divorce. She also had a daughter around 13 years ago.